Targeted Care Coordination (TCC)

Ability Health and Rehabilitation’s approach to Targeted Care Coordination (TCC) is to allow you a diverse pool of Care Coordinators to choose from, allowing for the best fit between the family and the Care Coordinator which will help provide you and your family with the best results. When you are comfortable with your provider you are more likely to be open and honest about the needs and challenges facing your family which is a critical component to effective coordination of care!

Targeted Care Coordination – Children and Adolescents: Targeted Care Coordination (TCC) is the process that assists youth and their family to locate, coordinate, facilitate, provide linkage, advocate for, and monitor the mental and physical health, social, educational, and other services as identified through a child and family teaming process that includes assessment and reassessment of needs and strengths. Targeted care coordination occurs through face to face or telephonic contact and is not intended to be duplicative of any other service. Targeted care coordination cannot be provided by the same individual who provides other direct care services to the member. Targeted care coordination services vary in intensity, frequency, and duration in order to support the member’s ability to access, coordinate, and utilize services and social resources that support the member to reach the goals on their coordinated care plan. Targeted care coordination can be delivered as a community-based service or in the outpatient clinic setting. All treatment, care, and support services must be provided in a context that is child-centered, family-focused, strengths-based, culturally competent and responsive to each child’s psychosocial, developmental, and treatment care needs. Targeted Care Coordination (TCC) is the service provided by someone trained to help you access services, coordinate care between various providers and agencies, and monitor the progress of a Member.